Member Selection Policy

A Little About Orchard Glen...What’s a Cooperative?

Orchard Glen is a houseing cooperative. Our objectives are to provide safe, clean, affordable housing for 350 households. As a cooperative, we differ significantly from other housing and apartments. Each household at Orchard Glen owns an interest in the property and pays monthly carrying charges instead of rent. Carrying charges represent the estimated actual expenses (no profit) to be incurred in the coming year. Accordingly, each member household can contribute to the overall success of Orchard Glen by helping to minimize costs. Orchard Glen is governed by an elected Board of Directors, the majority of whom are members. This member selection policy sets out the Board’s policies used in determining whether an applicant will be accepted as a member of Orchard Glen Cooperative, Inc.

Orchard Glen: Equal Housing Opportunity

Orchard Glen hereby certifies that we do business in accordance with all Federal, State, and local fair housing laws and civil rights laws and with all equal opportunity requirements in HUD administrative procedures.

Federal fair housing laws forbid discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

These requirements apply to:

(1) Accepting and processing applications.
(2) Selecting members from among eligible applicants on the waiting list.
(3) Assigning homes.

Complaints alleging violations of these laws should be referred to HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity in Indianapolis.

You’ll Have to Pay on Time Every Month, So........

An applicant must demonstrate an ability and willingness to pay monthly carrying charges. This ability will be verified by checking an applicant’s credit report, verifying previous housing histories, and verifying all sources of income. Income must be sufficient to meet all monthly obligations, including housing costs, normal living expenses, loan and credit card payments.

Applicants must supply the cooperative with any credit information or references requested. This includes, but is not limited to, complete addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Additionally, applicants must provide the name and address and telephone of the nearest relative not residing with the applicant.

Criminals.....Don’t Bother to Apply

Orchard Glen has a strict drug-free, anti-crime policy and anyone found to violate that policy will have their Occupancy Agreement terminated.

We are committed to making sure your cooperative will always be a safe place to live. You, and every other applicant, will be requested to sign a “Criminal History Release Form” when you submit your application for housing.

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth

Any misrepresentation, false information, or deliberate omission of information, or refusal to supply legitimate information as required by this selection policy or Federal mandates for occupancy in a federally-subsidized cooperative will be grounds for rejection of your application.

Responsibility is Important at Orchard Glen

Your housing history will be reviewed, references checked and a home visit may be scheduled to verify that you are willing to take care of your home in a safe, sanitary manner. The applicant must furnish information on the two previous residences and sufficient information to contact the landlord or mortgage company.

No Pets, No Unreported Roommates, No Kidding!

All rules and policies of Orchard Glen will be provided to approved applicants in writing on the day you move in. Compliance with these rules and policies is critical to Orchard Glen’s continued success.

$$Unreported Roommates Cost All Members Money$$

Only persons listed on the application may reside in the home. No more than two unrelated adults may occupy one household. All household members must be listed and all income and assets of all members must be reported. All minors in the household must be related to at least one of the adults by blood, marriage, or operation of law (such as adoption or foster child). It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify Orchard Glen Cooperative immediately of any changes in this information.

What Size Home Do You Need?

Home sizes are based on your household size. The guidelines are as follows.

Min. Residents Max. Residents Number of Bedrooms
1 2 1 Bedroom  
2 4 2 Bedrooms
3 6 3 Bedrooms
4 8 4 Bedrooms

Your household size may qualify you for more than one size home - you choose the size which works best for you.

When Will You Know If Your Membership’s Been Approved?

Processing your application and verifying all information will take approximately fourteen (14) days. No application membership will be approved until all required documentation (birth certificates, child support statements, Social Security numbers, etc.) has been provided to Orchard Glen. All completed verifications must be received by Orchard Glen prior to approval of any application.

All applicants will be notified in writing whether their application has been approved.

Is There A Fee to Apply?

There is a $15.00, non-refundable (per adult) fee to apply to Orchard Glen Cooperative. Once a specific address is assigned to an approved applicant, a deposit in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be required to hold the home. This amount will be applied to the amount you must pay when you move in. This deposit is not refundable unless the cooperative is unable to place you in the assigned home.

Waiting List Preferences

Current Orchard Glen Cooperative members who are approved for a transfer due to medical necessity or change is household size will be placed at the top of the waiting list. If you are offered a home while on the waiting list and you turn that home down, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Once you have been offered three (3) homes and have turned them down, you will be removed from the waiting list and your application for housing will be cancelled.

Other Questions? How Can We Help?

Although we’ve tried to thoroughly explain all factors used in determining whether an application for membership is approved or rejected, you may still have questions. Please ask an office staff member. We will be happy to help.

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