Cooperative Services and Helpful Information

When is Orchard Glen Office Open?
The office is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our telephone number is 332-9177. Our helpful staff will try to provide you with any information you require. If we don't have the answer to your question. we will make every effort to find the correct answer for you.

When something in your home breaks or isn't working correctly. you need to call the office during normal working hours and place a work order. This allows us to schedule work and maintain inventory controls. We do not allow the maintenance staff to accept work orders when they are out working on the property.

We Are Always Here For You!
Your maintenance department operates 24 hours a day... 365 days a year.
EMERGENCIES only after normal working hours.

Emergency calls are considered to be:
  • Gas Leaks
  • Your electricity is out
  • You don't have water, or you have an uncontrollable leak
  • Your home has damage from a fire or structural failure
  • You have no heat (during the winter months)

  • It's an Emergency! The Office is Closed! What to Do?
    The maintenance staff employee on call carries a cellular phone after hours. To reach a staff member, call 369-5400. Give them your name. address and telephone number and a description of the problem. In case of FIRE. or other serious emergency. CALL 911 FIRST!!

    We Need to Know How to Locate You.
    Please supply our office with your current home and work telephone numbers. Also provide us with an emergency number. That way, we will have someone to contact in case of an emergency involving you, your household or your home.

    I Have a Problem With My Neighbors.
    If you have a dispute with your neighbor, we hope you will try to resolve it with them. If you have tried and feel you cannot resolve the problem, you will need to contact our office. The Board of Directors will only accept written signed complaints. Please clearly state what problem you are having with the individual or household, identify the person(s) involved and where they live. Drop your letter off to the office and they will see that it is delivered to the Board of Directors.

    I Have a Problem With the Service I'm Receiving
    If you have a problem regarding office service or work orders, please direct them to:

    Property Manager
    PGPM, Inc.
    350 E. Essex Lane
    Ft. Wayne, IN. 46825
    (260) 484-1913

    Your comments will receive management's immediate attention.

    Here's How to Contact Security.
    If you have a problem that requires the attention of Security, please contact the office as soon as possible. If a problem arises after normal working hours you may call... 340-3888. One of our staff will pick up your call and advise security to contact you.
    If the matter is serious in nature, please call 911 first!

    Hang Those Curtains!
    We make every effort to make your home and surroundings as pleasant as possible, Appearance is a big factor. We ask that you hang proper curtains or blinds within thirty (30}days after you move in. This improves the appearance ofthe whole community.

    Why Do I Need Renter's Insurance?
    You are encouraged to purchase "Renter's Insurance". Orchard Glen's liability insurance covers only the buildings and cooperative equipment. The cooperative insurance does not insure your personal possessions. Renter's insurance is widely available at reasonable rates.

    You have a personal liability for injuries occurring on your personal sidewalk or in your home. Renter's insurance will cover some of your risk for an incident of this type. As a reminder, it is your responsibility to shovel snow and remove ice on the sidewalks in front of your home leading to the main walk.

    If you have a waterbed, you must supply the office with a copy of your paid insurance premium when you move in or when you acquire a waterbed. After that, you'll be asked to provide a copy of your paid premium at each recertification. This will protect you and your neighbors in case of all UNEXPECTED BREAK!

    This is Your Home, Not Your Business.
    Your occupancy agreement provides that you may only use your home as a private dwelling unit and for no other purpose. This means that you may not operate a business from your home at Orchard Glen.

    Cars, Cars, Cars.

    Please, don't park with your bumpers extended over the curb. We can't plow snow for you, run our lawn equipment or maneuver service equipment up and down the sidewalks.

    There are several car washes in the neighborhood. Please don't wash your car in the parking lots. As a cooperative, all members share in all expenses. You should not have to pay for your neighbors to wash their cars and they should not have to pay for you to wash yours.

    Your Patio Is a Part of Your Home.
    The patio area is yours. Please keep it neatly mowed and in an orderly manner. The patio is not a storage area for furniture, tires, trash bags, etc. You may keep toys, bikes, etc., in the patio area. For your convenience we have push mowers available for your use in the maintenance shop. We ask that you not keep the mower for more than an hour, so that everyone can have use of the mowers.

    Orchard Glen sponsors a community yard sale each spring and fall. The only time we allow sales in front of your home is during the community sales. If you want to have a patio sale, other than the community sale, please keep all of your sale items inside your patio area. We ask that you do not post signs or banners on cooperative property.

    Rubbish Removal... Please, Bag That Trash.
    No one likes to look at trash. We make every effort to keep Orchard Glen clean. We ask that you bag and tie your rubbish and place it in the sanitainer (not beside it). Please, don't leave trash by your front door or give children the responsibility for disposing of the trash. The sanitainers aren't designed to be used by children.

    Where Do My Children Play?
    There are several playgrounds located throughout the cooperative. There is a basketball court located on Woodside Drive. The play areas require adult supervision. There is also a city park on the north side ofthe property.

    Where Do I Get My Mail?
    The Orchard Glen mail stations are located on.Woodside Drive. There. are three stations and each one is equipped with an out going mail slot and package delivery box. You will receive your mailbox key at the time you move-in. If you need an extra key, please feel free to make one. When you receive a package, you will find a notice and a special key in your mailbox. Just take the key to the package receptacle on your station, open the box, remove your package and leave the key in the package box.

    You will need to purchase a can of de-icer for your use. In the winter months, if your lock freezes, you will need it to open the box.

    Your Safety is Our #1 Priority!

    Smoke Detector
    You have one or more battery operated smoke detectors in your home. You are responsible for maintaining the detector and for the battery replacement. STATE LAW and Local Housing Codes require that you keep the detector operational.

    Fire Extinguisher
    Your home is equipped with an A,B,C, fire extinguisher. The cooperative will keep the
    extinguisher properly dated. You will be responsible for the refill if the extinguisher is

    Fire Hazards
    Do not store anything in the area ofyour furnace or water heater. This includes mops, brooms, laundry, cleaning products or any other flammable material.

    Moving In? Here's the Scoop!

    Shower Curtain
    Please install a shower curtain immediately. If you don't put one up, severe water damage can result for which you will be financially responsible.

    Locked Out
    Please make provisions for being locked out. We suggest you keep an extra key with a friend or household member. During normal office hours you can get a key for a charge of $5.00. At all other times the fee is $20.00. Please keep in mind, for your own safety, you will be asked for identification before your door will be unlocked. You must also be listed on the Occupancy Agreement to gain entry.

    Packing Boxes
    It will help everyone if you break down your packing boxes before you place them in the sanitainer.

    Tax Deduction
    You may deduct the portion of your carrying charges that is applied to real estate taxes and mortgage interest if you file long form and itemize your deductions. Detailed information will be provided to you prior to March 1st of each year.

    Winter Information or "Stop the Freeze"
    As cold weather sets in, your cooperation will make maintenance less difficult and will reduce your operating costs.

    Garden Hoses.
    Please remove any hose you own until spring. Hoses left on the outside faucet will freeze the water lines inside your home. Tum off and drain the supply lines to exterior faucets. Remember, the lines will freeze and break.

    Shoveling Snow.
    The cooperative will remove snow from the main sidewalks and parking areas. You are responsible for shoveling your individual walk and stoop.

    Extreme Cold Weather.
    When the outside temperature or wind chill factor becomes extremely cold, we will display "Freeze Warning" signs at the entrances to all drives.

    You must take precautions to keep your pipes and:drains from freezing. Let your hot and cold water run in a small stream in your kitchen and bathrooms. Also leave your cabinet doors open under your sink to allow warm air to circulate around pipes. In the event your water should freeze, call the office or emergency phone number (369-5400) immediately. Our maintenance staff is well equipped for this type of emergency. (Remember, when you have this problem, many of your neighbors may be having the same problem. Your call will be handled in the order it was received.)

    Help Keep Carrying Charges Low... Conserve Your Energy!

    You pay for the cost of gas, water and sewers, even though they are included in your housing payment.

    We offer a few simple suggestions for methods to save money:

  • Cut back on running hot water longer than necessary.

  • Don't leave stove burners on longer than necessary.

  • Call the office and report leaking faucets or faulty plumbing.

  • In the winter, close your drapes or shades in the evening and leave your thermostat at 68 or less.

  • Open drapes in the morning to admit winter sunlight and warmth through the windows.

  • If you leave your home for a day or more, set the thermostat at 60.

  • Never have the heat on while windows or doors are open.

  • In nice weather, tum your heat off and open windows and doors.

  • Keep registers and air returns free of dirt and dust.

  • Schedule use of laundry machines and dishwashers to allow for full loads.

  • Report broken or cracked windows to the office immediately.

  • Use cold water and cold water detergents in the washing machine.

  • Do not block registers and cold air returns with drapes or furniture.

  • You may install clear plastic liners on the interior of your windows. This will significantly reduce the heat loss from your windows and stop drafts.

  • The storm door on your home is not designed to stop heat loss. During the heating season the solid front door should remain closed. The storm door is only to help prevent heat loss when opening and closing the front or rear door.

  • Contact the office immediately if you feel a draft around the front door.

  • Call the office if you have any questions or ideas for further conservation measures.

  • Energy Saying Tips for Utilities You Pay Direct.
  • When high wattage light bulbs burn out, replace them with lower wattage CFL bulbs.
  • Turn off lights that are not in use.
  • Don't use electric appliances longer than necessary. Turn appliances off when not in use.
  • In the summer, for those persons with air conditioning, open the drapes and shades in the evening. Close your drapes or shades in the morning to reduce heat from sunlight.
  • In nice weather, tum the air conditioning off and open windows.
  • If you leave your home for a day or more in the summer, set your thermostat at 85.

  • Moving Out? Here's How to Make Your Move as Smooth as Possible.
    You must file a written vacate notice sixty (60) days before you intend to vacate. You will be held responsible for the housing charges and electricity during this time. If we can find someone to accept responsibility for your home prior to the expiration of your sixty (60) days, we will.

    We just can't promise we can do that. See your House Rules for more move-out information.

    You are responsible for the painting, cleaning and reconditioning of your home when you move. Your paint must be purchased from the cooperative (to maintain color and quality consistency). We will sell the paint to you at wholesale cost.

    Make an appointment for your move-out inspection at least one day ahead of time. You need to have all of your personal belongings removed. You should have all the painting and cleaning you intend to do completed. If you schedule your move-out inspection a few days ahead of the end of your responsibility, it will give you time to touch up any details you might have missed.

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