Cooperative Rules

You Have to Pay Your Carrying Charges on Time Each Month

Your Occupancy Agreement requires that carrying charges by paid by the first (1st) day of each month. If you do not pay by the tenth (10th) of the month (your “grace period”) you are in default and risk eviction. Charges other than carrying charges (such as fines or charges for damages) are due and payable by the first (1st) day of the following month.

Carrying charges are late if they are not in the office by the tenth (10th) day of every month. Late payments will be assessed a late charge of $35.00. Payments which are in the mail slot at 8:00 a.m. on the 11th are not considered late. An additional fee of $1.00 per day will be assessed until such time as carrying charges are paid in full. If payment is going to be late, it is your responsibility to contact the office and set up a date for payment. The arrangements must be acceptable to the managing agent. Under no circumstances will carrying charges be allowed to remain unpaid past the end of the month in which they are due.

Any carrying charge payments made after the tenth (10th) day of the month must be in the form of a money order or cashiers check. Personal checks will not be accepted after the tenth(10th) day of the month.

Writing Bad Checks is a Crime

Checks returned to us by your bank, for an reason, will result in a charge of $25.00 (in addition to any late charge) and may be prosecuted. Additionally, if you write us a bad check, all future payments will have to be made by money order or cashiers check.

Please Take Good Care of Your Home

Smoke Detectors
Your household’s safety is our top priority. You are required to keep fresh batteries in the smoke detectors provided on each level of your home. You have one or more battery operated smoke detectors and a hard wired detector in your home. You are responsible for maintaining the detectors and for battery replacements. Please note that some homes have smoke detectors which are hard wired directly into the electric system of your home and require a battery as a backup. STATE LAW and Local Housing Codes require that you keep the detectors operational. Any smoke detector found inoperable, removed from the wall or tampered with will result in a fine of $25.00.

Trip Hazards and Egress
Members create health and safety hazards when cables, wires, cords, etc., stretch across walkways, stairs or otherwise impede the normal traffic pattern in your home. All exits must be kept open and cannot be blocked. This includes room exits, hallways, stairways, furnace and utility areas, as well as all exterior doors. In the event of an emergency it is absolutely necessary each home be free of these types of hazards or anything that would impede your egress (safe exit) from your home. The cooperative will assess a fine of not less than $25.00 for each cable, cord, wires, etc., or for any blocked doorway, window or other exit from your home.

You are expected and required to keep your home in a safe, sanitary condition. Housekeeping is routinely evaluated. Failure to maintain your home in accordance with these standards may result in the termination of your occupancy agreement and eviction. Rest assured that we will respect your right to privacy. To ensure that everything is in good working order, your home will be inspected at least twice each year. Please be reminded that your occupancy agreement gives Orchard Glen the right to enter your home to inspect at any reasonable hour of the day. In the event of an emergency, we have the right to enter at any time. All areas must be available for inspection. You must provide the office with any keys necessary to do so. Any damages caused by you or a member of your household or guests will be charged to your account.

Your patio area is your responsibility to mow and maintain in a neat, orderly fashion. No trash or furniture may be stored in your patio area. All toys and bicycles must be kept neatly stored in your patio area. Nothing may be stored in front of your home. Members who refuse to meet these requirements will be charged for trash removal, cleanup or mowing done by our staff.

Due to increased insurance liability and associated water consumption costs, swimming pools of any kind (including wading pools) are prohibited at Orchard Glen Cooperative.

Don’t make an expensive mistake. Any and all improvements or alterations you wish to make must be approved in writing by the office. This includes wall coverings, ceiling fans, floor coverings, air conditioning, to name a few. Please contact the office if you plan any alterations, we will be happy to supply you with the correct installation policy to ensure the installation is safe and acceptable. When complete, the alteration will be inspected to verify the installation. You are responsible for any expenses related to the removal of the alteration and restoration of the structure. Keep in mind that what you consider to be an improvement may not be to the cooperative or to the next member. No member will be compensated for improvements. In order to keep carrying charges as low as possible, the cooperative, as a whole, will not bear the costs caused by one particular member.

Individual Responsibility

As a cooperative, it costs all members money when an individual member is wasteful or destructive. You are responsible for your own actions as well as the actions of your children and guests. You will be held financially responsible for any damages or vandalism.

Additionally, you should know that Orchard Glen’s heating bill is one of our single largest expenses. If you allow windows or doors to stand open during the heating season you will be warned one time in writing. On the second occasions, a fine of $25.00 will be assessed.

No Pets

Orchard Glen strictly enforces its “No Pets” policy. No four-legged, fur bearing animals are allowed on Orchard Glen property for any period or time, including visits from your guests. No snakes or exotic pets are permitted. Caged birds or fish aquariums are acceptable pets.

Any member who violates this rule will be fined $50.00 for each pet and for each occurrence and will be given five (5) days to permanently remove the animal from the cooperative property.

$$ Unreported Roommates Aren’t Paying Their Fair Share! $$

Only persons listed on your HUD documentation (HUD form 50059) may reside in your home. All household members must be listed and all income and assets of all household members must be reported. It is your responsibility to notify Orchard Glen immediately of any changes in this information. No one may move into or out of any home without the prior written approval of the office. All potential roommates must make application and meet the same eligibility requirements as members before Orchard Glen can approve their move-in.

HUD and Orchard Glen take fraud very seriously. Failure to report income or any changes in your household composition are violations of your occupancy agreement and HUD regulations. Members who violate this rule will lose their subsidy and be increased to market rate. If unreported income is detected, your carrying charges will be recalculated and you will have to repay any amounts due. Your occupancy agreement may be terminated. Fines of up to $10,000.00 may be imposed by HUD and legal authorities if fraud is involved.

No Drugs, No Gangs, No Violence!

Orchard Glen is committed to making sure our cooperative will always be a safe place to live. Any person living in the cooperative who allows or permits any criminal activity related to the manufacture, sale or use of any illegal drug; or related to the promotion, sponsorship, or assistance in criminal gang activity will have his/her occupancy agreement terminated and will be evicted from Orchard Glen.

Intimidation, threats of physical violence and/or harassment of Orchard Glen members or employees will be grounds for termination of your occupancy agreement and eviction.

The use or brandishing of any weapon is strictly prohibited on cooperative property. This includes but is not limited to guns, knives, bows and arrows, BB guns and slingshots.

Orchard Glen and its management do not violate the prohibitions on discrimination against any member with handicaps by evicting a member because of illegal drug use, sale manufacture or distribution of controlled substances on cooperative property. Members who are currently using drugs, illegally or who are involved in illegal drug activity are not considered qualified members with handicaps under the Fair Housing Act and Amendments due to their illegal activity.


There is no assigned parking. However, you are required to register all vehicles with the office and obtain a valid parking permit. All vehicles must be properly registered and licensed, safely and legally parked, and operable. Only vehicles registered to members of the household will be issued permits.

Vehicles without permits, inoperable, unsafe or unlicensed vehicles and those parked illegally will be towed. Storage of any type of vehicle which is not regularly moved and driven is also prohibited. The vehicle owner will be solely responsible for the cost of towing and impound.

Recreational or sport vehicles, boats or commercial vehicles may not be parked or stored on Orchard Glen property.

Vehicle repairs or maintenance are not allowed on cooperative property. No motorized vehicle of any kind may be driven on sidewalks or grass at any time. The member will be charged for any damage to Orchard Glen parking lots or grounds caused by their vehicle, such as leaking oil, gasoline, or driving on the grass.

Please Drive Carefully!

The speed limit throughout the cooperative is 15 miles per hour. Please watch for children.

Your Move-Out Responsibilities

One of the many advantages Orchard Glen offers its members is no lengthy housing contract term. When you decide to move out, you are only required to give us a sixty (60) days written notice. Forms are available in the office for this purpose. If your circumstances require you to move before the end of your sixty (60) day notice period, you will be responsible for carrying charges and electricity only through the end of the sixty (60) day period or until we can resell your membership, whichever comes first. Memberships are resold on a first in, first out basis. A $50.00 cooperative re-sale fee will be charged.

The cooperative will absorb routine painting costs associated with “normal wear and tear”. This is based on the assumption that your home will require one coat of paint. You will be required to pay the costs for excessive damages, including painting.

As stated in your occupancy agreement with Orchard Glen, you will be responsible for cleaning your home and removing any alterations and repairing all damages. We will inspect your home with you and note in writing any defects, or damages for which you will be charged. If you choose not to clean, we will have the work done and charge your account.

The balance of your membership fee (less any applicable charges) will be refunded to you within thirty (30) days of the end of your sixty (60) day notice period. Any balance due from your move-out charges must be paid within thirty (30) days.

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