Community Matters

It’s that time of the year again, we have to mow and take care of our patios! As a courtesy we have weed eaters available for check out in the office. They can be checked out for 30 minutes at a time. Please be courteous and return them in a prompt fashion as there are only a limited number available.

The office will be hosting our “Annual Flower Give Away” in May. We have had such great success in the past and hope this year will be no different! There will be a limit of 10 flowers per household. Please be respectful of the quantity you take so all members can take advantage of this opportunity. These flowers should be planted in the front of your home in pots or in the ground. Let’s really try to amp up our curb appeal this year and make things look fabulous! We will also be conducting a patio contest this summer and award prizes, so get in the community spirit and get planting!

We’ve been noticing while doing inspections, that members are leaving their clothes dryers on while they are not home. This is NOT a good idea. Dryer fires can happen very unexpectably and if you are not home this endangers the whole building! Please make sure you empty your lint trap quite often and turn your dryer off when leaving your home, no matter how long you will be gone. Safety 1st!

Please make sure your trash is getting in the dumpster! Please do not allow young children to put trash into the dumpsters. Remember, all trash should be properly bagged before dumping. As a reminder, your friends and family ARE NOT allowed to use our dumpsters; this is known as “theft of services” and is punishable by law. The trash service has been paid for by each member as a part of their carrying charge payment each month. If you spot an “illegal dumper” please report them to the office.

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